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Cass + Andrew are not your average pop duo. Threading seamlessly between musical styles with grit and grace, the dynamic duo are versatile, polished and dare we say it, sexy. Their extensive and versatile song list can rewind your wedding/event to the analog era with the best of blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll and funk, or fast forward it to the digital age with a fresh take on your favourite modern pop tracks.

Lead female vocalist Cass can be counted among Australia’s leading jazz and blues artists, having previously performed with James Morrison, Ed Wilson and Emma Pask. Her unique vocals are gritty yet gorgeous, towering over full stage bands or breezing blissfully through a relaxed acoustic set. As well as being a celebrated fixture of Sydney’s underground music scene, Cass has toured internationally, spreading her spicy brand of blues and soul from Cuba to Vienna, and crooning alongside distinguished artists including Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Lang and the Buena Vista Social Club. 

Andrew is one of those annoyingly talented musicians that can pretty much play any instrument he can get his hands on (and better than most that only play that 1 instrument). A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, Andrew is a highly sought after session guitarist/bassist/drummer, gigging solidly every week of the year.

Hit play on your next wedding, party or corporate function, and let Cass+Andrew create the

stand-out vibe you desire!

Introducing The Cassettes: Sydney’s Premier Musical Duo

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